Visits and residential trips are an important part of the curriculum we offer to our students at Castle Manor Academy. Trips are well planned using OEAP National Guidance to compliment classroom based teaching and learning by offering practical, real life opportunities for all curriculum subjects.

Learning outside of the classroom contributes significantly to raising standards and improving students’ personal, social and emotional development.

Castle Manor Academy was proud to have achieved the Bronze Learning Outside of the Classroom award which recognises the many opportunities given to its students.

However, Covid has had a massive impact on our learning outside the classroom offer and unfortunately all of our trips were cancelled in 2020 and are slowly starting to be reintroduced.  Following a parent and student survey we are now planning an activity week 4-8th July 2022 to make up for opportunities lost. The week will include some drop down days in school to support our curriculum and some local trips.

Trip planning takes Covid safety measures into account. We have so far managed to reintroduce theatre trips for GCSE students and for years 7 and 8 to see Matilda in London Theatre. We have also offered a scaled down residential offer for years 8 and 9 for July 2022 and a local SEND residential for our Arch provision. We hope to be at our full offer of offering all students a residential for 2023.

Mrs Baldwin is the Educational Visits and Learning Outside of the Class Room Coordinator for our Academy. She supports staff to ensure that:

  • When planning trips there is always an aim or clear purpose for the trip.
  • Trips are fully inclusive and accessible to students. (Including SEND provision and Pupil Premium funding)
  • Opportunities are given to work with other Unity Trust schools and with the local community.
  • Students and staff remain safe and enjoy their trip or visit.
  • At each Key Stage students are offered a residential experience which focuses on developing our PROUD values.
  • Curriculum areas contribute to Nationally recognised days that celebrate LOTC, such as: National Grounds week, Science week and Empty Classroom Day