Today at Castle Manor, we were fortunate to have a real life Metallurgist, Joanna Nicholas, from TWI to do some workshops on chocolate welding with our year 7 and 8s. The students all had the opportunity to complete a hands-on workshop to “weld” together Milky Bar chocolate bars using heat from a hot, water-filled, glass bottle to form bridge structures. Once they had been left in the fridge to cool down, the effectiveness of the weld and strength of the bridges were then tested to breaking point using the masses. The students found that the box girder structure, made of 4 Milky Bars welded together was 20 times stronger than a single flat Milky Bar girder. Our future engineers were astounded by the difference in the amount of mass that they could withstand. This afternoon, the students of 8M became Metallurgist Forensic Scientists where they learned about the three different ways in which metal breaks; brittle, ductile and fracture. Students were given actual examples showing the different ways in which the metals had become broken in which to identify. They then had to use evidence given from an accident involving a plane crash, to ascertain what happened, who was at fault and decide what could have been done to avoid the crash happening. 8M got really involved and I can seen many of them becoming forensic accident investigators of the future.