Last summer, Castle Manor Academy was lucky enough to secure funding from Take Your Place to fund the Inspire a Doctor workshop provided by Dragon’s Den Contestants, Operating Theatre Live.  We were very fortunate in having the Founder of the company, Sam Piri and Managing Director, Dean Thomas-Lowde perform the workshop at Castle Manor where 40 students from Castle Manor took part, along with 4 from Felixstowe Academy and 10 from Samuel Ward learning about anatomy and healthcare.

From the beginning to the end it felt like we were in a real operating theatre for the day, clothed in theatre scrubs and armed with our stethoscopes. When we entered the mocked up theatre, 12 tables were laid out with patients in theatre, where students were able to practise communication skills in reassuring the patient, making anaesthetics to the correct concentrations before administering the precise dosage according to the patient’s weight through a line.

The highlight of the day was of course the dissection! Even Mrs Johnston and Mrs Whitcombe were actively involved in removing the eye from a pig’s head getting close with the optic nerve and extracting the brain, observing the differences in the hemispheres, labelling the parts and functions of each. It was such a fantastic opportunity to be able to see the respiratory system and the digestive system close up, learning the methods used by a Pathologist in dissecting the heart. However, the only disadvantage of getting too close to the digestive system was of course the smell. Face masks were worn when getting close up as the smell was one akin to a sewerage works!

The students had the most memorable day, a rare opportunity to experience and hopefully one which will inspire many to become doctors or medics in in the future. To use a quote from one of our students; “The experience was interesting and incredibly realistic! It has inspired me to want to become a surgeon.”