It’s always interesting to see the different interests my Photography students pursue outside of school with their cameras or in the modern world, their phones. Normally I see their exploits in the photographic world from emails and tweets after they have left school. Most that find love and enjoyment in this subject look to pursue their interest at a higher level of education and I have seen many exhibitions of ex-students work in all the local Sixth forms and Colleges. 

It seems Rosina has already started her journey into the subject and has amazed the Art team here at Castle Manor with a very well taken and planned image, an image that has won her an award in the IET Engineering & Technology Photographer of the Year 2018. Looking at the other entrants, even those double her age; she has really produced work that is far beyond that expected of someone in their final year of High School.

Her coursework is some of the finest we have seen yet on the Photography course and I am sure that her grade will reflect her recent success in this competition.