On Thursday 7th March children from across a number of schools in the area will be dropping everything to read together. Students from Castle Manor Academy, Samuel Ward Academy, Sybil Andrews Academy in Bury St. Edmunds and Newmarket Academy joined together to Drop Everything And Read at exactly the same time in a thunderclap moment marking the importance of reading for pleasure.

Building on the success of previous Drop Everything And Read Days, Castle Manor Librarian Becca Neal decided it would be good to roll out the initiative across as many schools as possible within the Unity Schools Partnership Trust.

“Every school in the Trust values the importance of reading for pleasure, so it’s seemed obvious to me to all join together to celebrate that on World Book Day. Drop Everything and Read is such a simple idea that allows the whole school community to pause and enjoy the feeling of getting stuck into a good book.” – Becca Neal

The premise of Drop Everything And Read is to simply stop what you are doing and read at designated times throughout the school day. Students can choose any reading material they like with some teachers choosing to read to their classes or listen to an audio book together.

Students from each school will also be holding a conference call to work together on the next step of collaborative reading, forming a “Books to Read Before You Leave School” list that can be used across the Trust. A small step towards bigger opportunities according to Castle Manor Academy Librarian Becca Neal.

“We’d like to continue to use our libraries as way for the Trust to work together on one of the most important skills anyone can have. By allowing our students to signpost to us how they engage with reading we can put together a more effective programme of events to inspire and encourage life-long reading.” – Becca Neal

Students will also be celebrating World Book Day with a variety of competitions and activities throughout the week, along with the hugely popular Fancy Dress Day.