Year 7 - An introduction to choreography and performance skills, through the themes of Musicals and Super Heroes. Students will explore and develop their physical skills and capabilities and be introduced to a range of choreographic skills to enable them to put together a whole class performance piece from a stimulus, consisting of both devised and taught duets, small and large group pieces. Students will also look at characterisation, style and communication of theme. At the end of each topic students will perform to an audience.

Year 8 - Developing Choreography and Performance skills, through the themes of Conflict and Around the world.  Students will further develop their physical skills, choreographic skills and performance skills with a real focus on expression, style, characterisation and communication of theme. Again, students will prepare a whole class performance piece to perform to an audience.

Year 9 - Ahead of KS4 options, students will be introduced to a range of dance styles and content that appears within the Btec Dance. They will explore styles such as Tutting, Break dance and Rock and Roll and be expected to reproduce movements and techniques specific to these styles. Students will work on their own choreography as well as being taught set sequences    

Year 10 - Students will begin their Btec qualification and focus on unit 1 Ensemble dance performance. This unit aims to develop students’ skills in selected dance styles and develop students’ ability to reproduce and perform technical movements within a style specific sequence. Students will explore further styles of dance such as Lyrical Jazz, Urban dance and Contemporary and produce an ensemble performance piece in each style. Students will also complete a log book, discussing the context of the dance genre, their dance ideas, and their choreographic process.  

Year 11 - Students will begin their second and last unit Live performance. This unit aims to give students the opportunity to explore all the skills required for an 18-20 min live dance performance. This will range from production planning, rehearsing and performing to organising lighting, music, staging and props. Students will also have to complete a written log book, discussing personal aims, health and safety, choreographic process and write a detailed reflection of their performance. Learners are expected to be in the final 18-20 minute performance for a minimum of 30% of the time.

The qualification exam board for Dance is RSL Btec level 2 Creative and performance Arts

Miss Nyberg runs a cheerleading club on Tuesdays after school open to  all years.