The Food Preparation Team is committed to providing pupils with a current and in-depth understanding of the workings of a professional kitchen. We aim to impart a comprehensive knowledge of food preparation, production and health and safety awareness, spanning an extensive range of techniques, themes and cultures.

Year 7 –  In theory lessons students will learn the basics of Health and Safety in the Catering industry and begin to discover how diet and nutrition is linked to health. Practical lessons will focus on baking methods and developing knife skills.

Year 8 – This year students will explore why people make different food choices, looking in particular at International Cuisine, Ethical Choices, Special Diets and Religion. Practical lessons will ask students to create dishes that reflect these choices, at the same time expanding their skill levels to include meat preparation.

Year 9 – Ahead of selecting their GCSE options students will gain an understanding of food science and begin to develop their understanding of high level skills and techniques through complex practical dishes. 

Year 10 – In year 10 students begin their GCSE course. This year students will study Health and Safety, Nutrition, Food Science, Food Choice and Food Provenance. Practical lessons will focus on building a range of skills ranging from complex meat and fish cookery to pastry making. 

Year 11 – In the final year of the GCSE students will complete their Non-Exam Assessment, which is worth 50% of their final grade. NEA 1 begins in September and has a focus on Food Investigation. NEA 2 begins in November and has a focus on Food Preparation. The remainder of the year will be focused towards preparation for the written exam.

The exam board for Food Preparation and Nutrition is AQA GCSE.

There are many opportunities to take part in extra curricular activities in Food Preparation, mainly catering for school events. KS3 have the opportunity to come to Masterchef enrichment, as well as cater and serve food for their Performance Project and KS4 are often required to cater for events such as Graduation and Celebration of Achievement.