At Castle Manor, we want to inspire students to learn about the past both to understand where they come from and to understand how the world around us has evolved to be as it is today. Throughout lessons, students will be given the chance to debate, research, analyse and evaluate important moments in time and to reflect on the impact that they have had.

Year 7 – As an introduction to studying history at Castle Manor, students will look at life in the Roman Empire, how the Norman Conquest changed England, as well as the effects of the Crusades.

Year 8 – This year students will look at Tudor and Stuart History including the Civil War, moving on to studies of witchcraft and the Industrial Revolution.

Year 9 – Year 9 sees us focusing on twentieth century history with a close examination of both World Wars and the Holocaust. In preparation for the History GCSE we also begin to examine the effect the Cold War had on relationships between superpowers.   

Year 10 – Students study the history of Medicine, examining where people got their ideas from regarding what they believed caused illnesses and some of the bizarre ways people used to treat disease in the past. This section of the course runs from 1250 to the present day and is supplemented with an indepth view of World War One and how the conditions there changed medical advances.  Students then move on to examining Weimar Germany, Hitler’s rise to power life in Nazi Germany.

Year 11 – Finally students undertake a study of the Cold War and followed by looking at the Anglo-Saxons and Normans. 

The exam board for History is Edexcel GCSE.

Department Staff

  • Mrs J Jones

    Team Leader for Humanities