The Mathematics Department is committed to providing pupils with a curriculum that is interesting, relevant and up to date. We want our students to have a positive and successful experience that leaves them with a love for the subject, positive attitudes towards it and the ability to apply it in educational, real life and practical contexts.

Year 7 – Discovery of key principles in mathematics and acquisition of key knowledge in algebra, geometry, data handling and number.

Year 8 – Contextualising of skills learnt and discovered and the knowledge acquired in year 7 and introduction to problem solving.

Year 9 – Application of the skills and knowledge in unfamiliar contexts and drawing on multiple skills for solving difficult problems. 

Year 10 –Initiation into examination techniques and synoptic questions and familiarisation with assessment criteria and expectations of GCSE. 

Year 11 – Students are prepared thoroughly for the examinations at the end of the year though exam paper practice, familiarisation with examination criteria and a forensic and personalised approach to identifying areas that need improving in time for the public examinations. 

The department offers before school, lunchtime and after school sessions. Our students also take part in  the Mathematics Challenge which is are national events that recognise great mathematical achievement and reward the students.

Parents may also find it useful to find out more about the Mathematics Mastery curriculum which we use with all year groups. The exam board at GCSE is Edexcel.

Department Staff

  • Mrs M Humphry

    Second in Charge of Mathematics

  • Mrs G Jackson

    Team Leader of Mathematics