At Castle Manor we value diversity and community; these are key cornerstones of Religious Studies We encourage students to develop and evaluate their own opinions whilst considering others points of view. We are keen to promote critical thinking in every student as we believe that this is key to being a successful member of society. 

Year 7 – Year 7 look at some of the key religions to gain a further understanding of where each comes from and their key beliefs. They start by looking at Christianity, moving onto Sikhism and then returning to an examination of who Jesus was.  

Year 8 – This year students will look at how different Christians worship before moving onto an examination of Buddhism and then Hinduism.

Year 9 – Year 9 sees us focusing on some of the bigger questions through looking at beliefs, values and morals, human rights and finally prejudice.

Year 10 – During year 10, students look at what belief actually is, the impact different people have had on the world and finally different beliefs about how the world originated.

Year 11 – Finally students undertake a study of Islam, medical ethics and moral choices.