The aim of our Skills for Life curriculum is to ensure that all students develop the knowledge and skills to thrive as safe, healthy and responsible individuals both in the school and outside in the community.  Our lessons enable students to learn about themselves, know the difference between right and wrong and how to grow as morally sound individuals with aspirations for their future.

Skills for life lessons follow the Citizenship curriculum and general guidance on Spiritual Moral Social and Cultural development, PSHE framework, careers advice and Sex and Relationship Education.

Topics are taught each term and the content is relevant to age and current affairs.

Year 7 - Conditions for learning, budgeting, self-awareness, First Aid, Health and wellbeing, Sex and Relationships, British values and Government.

Year 8 - Self-awareness, Prejudice, E-safety, First Aid, Health and wellbeing, Sex and Relationships, exploring our values, dealing with risky situations and upcycling.

Year 9 - Sex and Relationships, Jobs and the law, Trafficking, First Aid, Team building, Health and wellbeing and E-safety.

Year 10 - Conditions for learning, time management, First Aid, Health and wellbeing, Team building, budgeting and Government.

Year 11 - Study skills, Health and wellbeing, Sex and Relationships, Highway Code and write their Personal statements ready to apply for college.

There is no exam in Skills for Life, as this is not a qualification. The work completed in lessons supports learning in other subjects and life at Castle Manor Academy. Skills for Life gives students the foundations and skills to achieve their goals to become successful and responsible individuals and develop students’ social and moral understanding, which can be transferrable to any career path in the future.

Department Staff

  • Mrs J Farrow

    Teacher of Skills for Life and Art