Castle Manor Academy

3D Design


Design Technology

Mr J Teare
Design Technology, 3D Design and Photography

The Design department is committed to allow students to bring their creations from an initial idea into a 3D model or product design. You will gain an understanding of the design processes from CAD (Computer Aided Design) to hand model making across the subject

Year 8 – Working on more hand based design elements with a 3D outcome.

Year 9 – Ahead of selecting their GCSE options, students will undertake a rotation allowing them to cover all design elements, digital and hand drawing skills will be used extensivly.

Year 10 – Students will start with an exploration into the design world of Architecture looking mainly at the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. They will work both digitally and with hand skills to produce work.

Year 11 – Students can select to work in Product Design, Jewelry or traditional sculpture, ending up with a final piece to display alongside the architecture work from y10.

The exam board followed at GCSE is Three Dimensional Design with AQA.

For further information, please contact Mr J Teare.