Castle Manor Academy

Mental Health and Wellbeing

Our student’s mental health and wellbeing is of vital importance to us at Castle Manor.

All staff are trauma informed and we work on a relational basis to support our young people, we also offer a range of services within school which students can access, we also work with outside agencies that can offer bespoke support and intervention. 

Castle Manor Wellbeing Way

Developed to provide students, staff and families a range of strategies to support mental health. The tasks come from a variety of groups and organisations and have been written with our students in mind.

Please feel free to download and use at home.

Please click on the links below to access more support.

Internal Support

We have six members of staff trained to offer one-to-one intervention around their emotional understanding and social skills.

A six week programme delivered by a member of staff helping students learn how to respond to worry, anger and feeling low. Mainly aimed at our Year 7 and 8 students.

We have four learning mentors who offer scheduled wellbeing checks and also support friendship and behaviour issues.

Two dedicated spaces to support young people when feeling heightened and in need of support.

Mrs Crissal and Mrs Samuels can offer one-to-one support for students struggling with their emotional wellbeing.

External Support

An early intervention service that support children and young people, their families and schools and college communities with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

Supporting young people who have suffered a bereavement.  

Specialist support service working with young people who have experienced sexual abuse.

Weekly one-to-one listening sessions allowing young people to raise concerns.

Weekly drop-ins and referrals to support, physical, mental and/or sexual health.