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Mr J Mason
Teacher of ICT

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In Computer Science we are committed to providing Students with a current and in-depth understanding of the workings Computer Systems, Block & Text based Programming languages, as well as, Office and Multimedia Software applications. 

Year 7 – Students study e-safety topics and develop their skills using Office Presentation and Word Processing Programmes. They learn programming concepts using Block Based programming tools and simple Boolean Logic. Students learn basic image editing techniques.

Year 8 – Students develop their understanding of e-safety topics and how to protect against threats such as Malware. Students develop their skills using Spreadsheet Software and begin to learn how to editit sound sequences and build simple websites. Students continue to develop their understanding of programming concepts and are introduced to a text based programming language – Python. Students Study how search engines work.

Year 9 – Students study Computing Law & Cyber Crime. Students develop their skills of Digital Image Manipulation, Creating Advertising Graphics, Banners and Roll Overs to meet the needs of a client. Students develop  Web Design Skills and find out about how the internet works. Students will also complete a Digital Audio Sound Sequencing Project.

Year 10 – Students in this course learn advanced Digital Image Editing and Web Authoring Techniques. They will also as part of their course complete a Digital Audio Editing project and understand the importance of planning their work and developing their Pre-Production skills.

Year 11 – Students are completing a Digital Imaging Project entitled ‘Food Festival’ where they have to make a wide range of Digital projects and present this work in a E-Portfolio (Website). They will also be taking an exam testing their Website Building skills.

Mr. Mason runs support sessions and coding challenges workshops for students in any year group on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school.