Castle Manor Academy

GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy (Core)  

Subject Overview

Students studying Combined Science: Trilogy will cover the three science disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Combined Science: Trilogy takes a logical and coherent journey through familiar and new content with both classroom-based learning and practical activities. 

Course Information

The three sciences will be taught alongside each other, covering the following topics: 

Biology: Cell biology, organisation, infection and response, bioenergetics, homeostasis and response, inheritance, variation and evolution, ecology 

Chemistry: Atomic structure and the periodic table, bonding, structure and the properties of matter, quantitative chemistry, chemical changes, energy changes, the rate and extent of chemical change, organic chemistry, chemical analysis, chemistry of the atmosphere, using resources  

Physics: Forces, energy, waves, electricity, magnetism and electromagnetism, particle model of matter, atomic structure and radiation.  


Examinations taken in the summer of Year 11 will take the form of two papers in each science discipline: biology, chemistry, and physics. Each paper has an equal weighting of 16.7% of the final GCSE grade awarded. Through the course there are 21 required practical’s assessed through the exam papers. GCSE Science Combined: Trilogy is available in both foundation and higher tier papers. 


Successful students progress to study courses such as A-level Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Level 3 Applied Science Courses. Career progression can include sectors such as veterinary science, medical science, engineering, scientific research, environmental and forensics analysis. Vocational pathways include electrical engineering, construction and health and beauty.