Castle Manor Academy

Home Learning

At Castle Manor Academy, we have a knowledge-based approach to learning where we believe that children require a central, essential knowledge base to strengthen and deepen their understanding across the breadth of subjects studied.

Therefore, home learning should be robust and support student progress in the form of either knowledge retention or development, or deliberate practice of skills. Students’ home learning can be found on Go 4 Schools and in their Student Organiser.

Knowledge-based home learning

Knowledge-based home learning will be supported by the format of Knowledge Organisers (KO).

Students will be provided with a KO per subject, per half term/unit of study. These will outline the essential knowledge they need to learn. 

Each week, students are required to spend a minimum of 30 minutes learning from their KO for each subject. This time may be spent in a variety of ways, as directed by the subject teacher such as creating flash cards or self-quizzing.

Knowledge retention will be tested at least once a week during lessons, where tests may take a range of forms such as peer testing, self-testing or a formal written test. 

Deliberate practice home learning

Teachers must also set home learning that is deliberate practice which could consist of tasks such as past exam questions, perfect paragraphs, subject specific skills practice or content drills that reinforce learning. 

These will be reviewed in the following week during lessons, and outcomes tracked and monitored. Feedback for any written home learning will be provided by teachers during lessons. Opportunities to reflect and improve will be given.