At Castle Manor Academy we have incredibly high expectations of our students and we look to ensure that students display our PROUD values in every aspect of school life. You can find out more about our approach in these sections:

At Castle Manor Academy we always look to reward behaviour that represents our PROUD values. This is done by all members of staff who reward behaviour by awarding PROUD points, sending postcards and phone calls home.

If a student gains a set number of PROUD points they will be rewarded in assembly

Number of PROUD points


25 PROUD points

Bronze certificate

50 PROUD points

Silver certificate

75 PROUD points

Gold certificate

100 PROUD points

Platinum certificate and qualification for the PROUD awards

PROUD badges will be awarded when a student completes each PROUD task for their year group in KS3.

PROUD badges will be awarded when students gain 200 points for each value in the PROUD Diploma for those in KS4.

The PROUD awards’ evening will be awarded in a celebration event at the end of the year to students who:

KS3: have achieved all the PROUD tasks, have 100 PROUD points or more, have 0 unauthorised absences, no more than 3 x C3s, no more than 3 lates and less than 6 Amber Warnings.

KS4: The top 10 performers on the PROUD Diploma.

Student of the term assemblies will celebrate outstanding effort or achievement in subject areas each term. Certificates will be received for 100% attendance in a term.

There may be times when students do not demonstrate our PROUD values and therefore we have clear consequences for when behaviour is not acceptable inside and outside of lessons. These are detailed at length in our Expectations for Learning policy but detailed below is our consequence system.

Disruption to learning and a failure to complete sufficient work to the required standard is not tolerated at Castle Manor Academy. Our consequence system allows the teacher to deal rapidly with low level disruption and to ensure each student is making the most of lessons.

Consequence 1 – verbal warning and name written on the board

Consequence 2 – tick next to the name on the board. Student remains or a return for a reflective conversation with the teacher and a note is then made in the Student Organiser.

Consequence 3 – The “On Call” member of staff is called to speak to the student outside of the classroom to remind them of our expectations. A note is made in their Student Organiser, a text is sent home and the student is placed in the afterschool detention that day for 30 minutes. During this time the student completes their restorative work, a copy of which will be sent home. If a student receives 2 x C3s in one day they are placed in the afterschool detention for 1 hour.

Consequence 4 – The student is removed from the classroom by the “On Call” member of staff and is taken to the/a curriculum team leader. A note is made in the Student Organiser, a text and letter will be sent home and the student is placed in the afterschool detention that day for 1 hour. During this time the student completes their restorative work, a copy of which will be sent home. The teacher will also arrange a restorative meeting with the student and their parents/carers in order to facilitate a return to the next lesson.

Removal and Exclusion – If a possible serious breach of our expectations occurs, the student is removed from the classroom to the Reflect and Resolve room where the incident is investigated and may result in internal or external exclusion. Contact is made with home as soon as possible and a readmission interview will be held with a member of the leadership team prior to a return to lessons.

Full details of our policy for excluding students can be found in our Expectations for Learning policy.

Bullying has many different forms and is unacceptable at Castle Manor Academy. The Academy’s definition for bullying is when someone says or does something intentionally hurtful and they keep doing it even when they’ve been told it is unkind and the effect their actions can have.  

We are a “telling school”. We expect students to report any issues related to bullying. If issues are not reported we are powerless as a school to act.  The Academy’s definitions of acts that are rude, mean and bullying are shown below:

All reports of bullying are investigated fully by the Learning Mentor Team and all reports are logged. After each investigation and where necessary a suitable punishment is given to the perpetrator(s). Depending on the nature of the incident, and its classification, the punishments can range from restorative justice to formal exclusion.

For serious, extreme and/or repeat offences permanent exclusion may follow.

Note – The Academy retains the right to report incidents to the Police.  Bullying and other negative acts committed via social media will be investigated where possible but the school is not always able to issue sanctions for incidents if they happen outside of school.


  • Mrs L Stubbings

    Learning Mentor

  • Mr J Gosden

    Deputy Headteacher; Teacher of Geography

  • Mrs C Eady

    Learning Mentor