Music lessons aim to encourage and support all music abilities with a performance to peers or a wider audience. Students learn the core principals of music theory, performance and composition through a range of activities. In years 7 and 8, students spend a whole term in music lessons for a double session a week. In year 9, they spend a half term in music lessons for 100 minutes. For years 10 and 11, students are in music as a GCSE option for 150 minutes a week. 

Year 7 - Introduction to Music theory, a vocal performance and a composition using GarageBand covering the themes of Roald Dahl, Gothic and Haverhill Heroes. Students spend the term preparing for a final performance, developing confidence and awareness of stage presence.

Year 8 - Developing music theory skills and a class band performance using guitar, bass, drums and vocals covering the themes of Conflict, Campaigns and ‘Around the world’.  Students are given the opportunity to play guitar, bass and drums as a solo before putting together as an ensemble. Again, students will prepare a final performance for an audience at the end of each term.

Year 9 - Ahead of GCSE options, students are given opportunity to explore a range of World Music, performing their own style and preference of music and composing a pop song.  They will perform at the end of each half term to other performance classes.

Year 10 - A ‘Step-Up’ to Music GCSE theory starts the term. Term 2 starts us looking at the vocal pieces of the set works, and Term 3 is where we study instrumental music and start on music for stage and screen. Each term we also complete 1 composition and 2 performances.

Year 11 - Students will complete music for stage and screen and fusions. They will prepare their final compositions and record final performances. All coursework is completed and finalised by The end of term 2, after this time is spent working on exam techniques and revision of the set works.  

The GCSE exam board is Edexcel.

Choir and Elastic band run weekly rehearsals, extra support and guidance Thursday and Friday, practice rooms available for booking every day after school. Instrumental lessons available. 

Department Staff

  • Mrs C Plunkett

    Teacher of Music; Assistant Achievement Leader for Year 8