Castle Manor Academy

Year 7 English

Strand Autumn Term (19th C Literature) Spring Term (Shakespeare) Summer term A (Language: Writing) Summer Term B (CUSP What does it mean to be human?) 
Heroes and Villains in Literature (2 lessons) Text Great Expectations A Midsummer Night’s Dream Haverhill Heroes – writing unit Blended unit of reading, writing, literature and vocabulary skills on the concept of humanity and being ‘human’ from the USP CUSP team. 
Knowledge Life in Victorian London; Victorian crime; the form of a novel; workhouses; the poor laws; Abel Magwitch, Pip, Miss Havisham; morality Life in Elizabethan England; life in ancient Athens; Shakespeare’s life; the four lovers; the love potion; Elizabethan family relationships; the form of a play Persuasive speech writing, poetry and writing a ‘How to’ guide all on the theme of heroes. Polishing and perfecting work for display at the Year 7 showcase 
Vocab villains and victims; vulnerable; corrupt; naïve; orphan; moral; benefactor  soliloquy, severe, conflict, unrequited love, to mock, chaos  Hero / kindness / volunteer  
Assessment/skills mapping End of lit unit assessment – summative Thesis statements Topic sentences  Embedded quotes End of lit unit assessment – summative Zoomed in, detailed analysis Analytical verbs Writing assessment – comparative judgement – speeches 
Grammar (1 lesson) Mastery Writing 2 lessons 1-38  writing in complete and full sentences; identifying the action and verb; subject-verb agreement for ‘to-be’, regular and irregular past simple verbs, avoiding fragments; avoiding fused sentences; using capital sentences accurately; using pronouns; sentence structure; paragraphing; speech punctuation. 
Writing (1 lesson) 5-week cycles: Intro and model, generate ideas, slow writing x 2 lessons, edit and polish using feedback (5 polished pieces in a year – 3 of which assessed using comparative judgement) 
Reading (1 lesson) Direct Reading Instruction for the continuing of development of fluent and comprehending readers (Prose, Fiction & Non-fiction, Poetry) ‘We are Displaced’ – Malala Yousafzai ‘There’s a boy in the girl’s bathroom’ – Louis Sachar ‘Things the eye can’t see’ – Penny Joelson ‘Life of Pi’ – Yann Martel ‘Sapiens: Graphic Novel (Volume 1)’ – Yuval Noah Harari