Castle Manor Academy

Year 7 History

​ Autumn​ Winter​ 
Enquiry Question​ What was world medicine like before the year 1000?​ ​Evidential ​ Who can tell us the most about the Silk Roads?​ ​Evidential ​ How did the Normans change the face of England?​ ​Change and continuity ​ Why is Mali the jewel of the medieval world? ​Causation ​ 
Assessment​ Assessment paper – MCQ, short answers, inference skills, evaluation ​ Snapshot – 20 questions​ Extended writing​ Snapshot – 20 questions​ 
​ Spring​ Summer​ 
Enquiry Question​ How important was religion in the Middle Ages? ​ Significance How have interpretations of King John changed over time?​ ​Interpretations How did the Black Death change English society?​ ​Change and continuity ​ What was the Reformation? ​ ​Cause and ​Change and continuity ​  
Assessment​ Assessment paper- MCQ, short answers, inference skills, evaluation ​ Snapshot -20 questions​ Extended writing​ Snapshot = 20 questions ​