Castle Manor Academy

Year 8 History

​ Autumn​ Winter​ 
Enquiry Question​ What can we learn about Tudor England from sources? ​ Evidential​ Why did Civil War break out in 1642?​ ​Why did the monarchy need to be restored? ​ ​Causation ​ What can the Witch Trials tell us about East Anglian society? ​ ​Significance ​ How did the period of Enlightenment lead to the American Revolution? ​ ​Causation​ Change and continuity​ 
Assessment​ Snapshot – 20 questions​ Extended writing​ Assessment paper -MCQ, short answers, inference skills, evaluation ​ Extended writing and snapshot – 20 questions​ 
​ Spring​ Summer​ 
Enquiry Question​ How can we measure the significance of enslavement? ​ Significance ​ How did working class people’s lives change from 1750 – 1900? ​ Change and continuity​ What were the experiences of people in the British Empire? ​ ​Similarity and Difference ​ How close did Britain come to achieving a true democracy by 1884? ​ ​Change and continuity​ 
Assessment​ Snapshot – 20 questions​ Assessment paper -MCQ, short answers, inference skills, evaluation ​ Snapshot – 20 questions​