Castle Manor Academy

Year 9 Drama

Drama Rotation 1

Theme: Physical Theatre (Script work)

Students will explore the art of physical theatre, a form of theatre which emphasizes the use of physical movement, as in dance, gesture and mime for expression and storytelling. Students are introduced to a Physical theatre group called Frantic Assembly and study their innovative style of physical theatre. Students will also study the story and script from Curious incident of a dog in the night time and use physical theatre techniques to communicate a scene from the set text. 

Physicality in theatre helps performers to understand the character they are portraying. In order to convincingly play a role, an actor must be able to physically embody that character. This means understanding how the character moves, talks, and interacts with their environment. This unit links to Component 1 at GCSE with Frantic Assembly being one of the Physical Theatre groups they can choose. 

Drama Rotation 2

Theme: Technical theatre

Students will explore the elements of technical theatre with a focus on the design aspect. Student will learn about costume design and the role of costume, set design and the impact of a set, sound design and how to select and set sound for different scenes and finally lighting design, looking at effects of lighting and how to plot lights for a set scene. Students will be given a play, asked to select a scene and then design 2 elements for assessment.  

Stepping away from performing, this unit introduces students to the technical side of theatre as this is something they may now take for Components 1 and 2 at GCSE. Technical theatre is so important because the production could not exist without it. It tells the audience what the time period is, where the characters are, and what kind of scene they are in and creates the correct mood and atmosphere. It is necessary for a storyline and quality performance This gives students a grounding on the basics of Lights, Sound, Costume and set design ahead of potentially Year 10.