Castle Manor Academy

Year 9 Music

Music Rotation 1

Theme: Films and Games

Students will study a range of music used in both film and gaming. They will learn about Leitmotif and how music can be associated with a particular character and theme. They will learn how the musical elements – pitch, tempo, dynamics, timbre and texture – can create mood and atmosphere, drive visual action and how it can indicate time and place. Students will learn how to play film/game themes and have the option to create their own. 

Film music is studied as part of the GCSE music course and the topic prepares students well for this. The students will be assessed at the end of the topic with a listening test to ascertain their understanding of the key concepts and theory learnt throughout the topic. The practical assessment is a performance or composition. 

Music Rotation 2

Theme: Popular Music

Students will study a range of genres such as pop, rock, rap, soul and jazz, learning about the history of the styles and how they have developed. Students will be given the opportunity to choose their preferred style and rehearse a piece as a solo or group performance.

This unit is linked to the Performing unit required at GCSE Music. Students’ work is assessed using GCSE performance assessment criteria to give them an understanding of the realities of rehearsing and performing at KS4. This also helps students decide if GCSE Music is a suitable option for them.